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With the higher temperatures the Bermuda grass will begin greening up. This will require additional water to keep the rye grass alive while the Bermuda comes in.  We will be working to control the moisture, but you may notice some wet areas around the edges of the fairways.

The Rapid Blight disease that is affecting the course and range is a salt related disease, so we will begin watering the greens once a week, for an hour to flush the salt out, as well as gypsum and fungicide applications to get the Rapid Blight under control.

Water Coolers will be placed out on courses beginning tomorrow for optional use.

We are now open to Unaccompanied Guests, please submit the form online at least 24 hours in advance to ensure that your guest(s) cards are available upon arrival.
The form can be found in the Country Club navigation link of the member website.

Rio Verde Members are also allowed to invite your friends that are here locally, as well as those in Tonto and Trilogy to enjoy In-House Dining at the Box Bar Grille!
Click HERE to make your dining reservation.

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