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Dear Members of Rio Verde Country Club:

The agronomy team is looking forward to opening Quail Run on Monday.  I just wanted to pass along a couple of things to look out for when the golf course is open.  You will see some areas in the fairways that were affected by the storm.  We have reseeded those areas and will continue to water and push new growth.  Some of the areas were reseeded last Friday so it will still take time for seed to germinate and grow in.  Expect the golf course to be wet as we need to keep the soil profile moist to continue to germinate seed, as ryegrass seed can germinate up to 21 days after the seeding process.  This is why we ask the members to keep carts on the cart paths after opening.  Just a reminder on the cart path restrictions after overseed:

Week 1 - All members on path
Week 2 - Handicap flags can drive in the rough, all other members on path
Week 3 - Handicap flags in the fairway, all other members in the rough
Week 4 - No restrictions

Keep in mind that the greens will be very slow the first couple of weeks.  We need to take our time with the greens to ensure good plant health for the duration of the season so we will take our time getting the heights down on the playing surface. 

This year we will start using "EXIT" posts in the fairways.  Please exit the fairways at those posts so we can control traffic from driving too close to the greens.  This will also assist the team in controlling traffic and eliminate the turf getting worn out from constant traffic in the same area.

Lastly, the driving range will need additional time to fill in from the overseed.  We are planning to open the range to the membership on Wednesday 10/26.  We will have members on the mats until the following Monday 10/31, at which time the driving range tee will be ready for use.

 I am looking forward to a great season and having everyone back on the golf course.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Daniel Cutler
Director of Agronomy

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