Making Friends


We all have friends we have cherished, and we often wonder if we’ll ever find such good friends again. The answer is yes. Come to Rio Verde, where people are welcoming and lasting friendships are made over a game of golf, a glass of wine, during an art class, or wherever there is common interest.

Here’s what some in our community say about making new friends...

“After living in Rio Verde for six months, my wife and I counted up the number of new friends we’d met: 92! It’s so easy to meet people here and actually get to know them.” 
- Dale and Gail Muhlbauer, Wyoming

“Some of our best friends - ever - were made right here in Rio Verde.” 
 - Lucy and Joe Lucas, Michigan

“We were a bit concerned about moving to a new community without knowing anyone, but we were immediately welcomed and asked to participate in EVERYTHING!” 
- John and Megan Crosland, Alberta, Canada